Mother's Day Breakfast

Having been restricted for the last three years because of building works and a pandemic, we are pleased to announce that we will be once again holding our Mother’s Day Breakfast on Friday 7th May. Breakfast will be served from 7.00am - 8.30am.

Prior to these disruptions, it was always a popular event and a fitting way to celebrate this special occasion.

Details will be placed on Compass soon so that you can make payment and help us with catering arrangements.

For $3.00 per child and $5.00 per adult we will provide you with your choice of bacon, eggs and toast (including some gluten free toast) to be enjoyed alongside a cup of tea, coffee or glass of juice. We will have tables set up in the art room so you can enjoy the morning together with your child/family. 

Although our awesome staff members will coordinate/support this activity, all money raised will be given to Parent Club.

We look forward to seeing lots of familiar faces…and some new ones!