Visual Arts News

This week I would like to present the Art Award to Aleah. She created a fantastic portrait of her own pet dog. Aleah’s love of animals extends further than her artistic creations; she even has her own dog walking business!

Our Preps are looking at Toys in their classrooms until the end of the term. This week we created a fun optical illusion toy called a Decotrope. There’s a lot of busy hands and spinning fun going on around school!

Grades 3/4 are coming to the completion of studying the Art Element of Line. We have been experimenting with many different lines and have created free-standing black and white peacocks. Our Alexander Calder Fish are completed, some have been put on display in classrooms and some have made it home!

I have a team of students who give up their lunchtimes to come to create with me on a Wednesday. I have challenged them to design and create a treehouse. They are coming along nicely and you can view their progress on the window ledge in the Art Space. I am looking forward to seeing them completed – if only they were big enough to live in!
- Mrs Leed, Visual Arts Teacher