Active Travel News

Active Traveller of the Week: Eddie is one of our new preps, who has been scooting to school every day. What a great start to the year!

“I like that I get some exercise. I push with my feet and I get the balance. I can also do jumps on my scooter,” says Eddie, who has also been practising riding his bike without training wheels. Eddie’s Mum, Caitlan enjoys riding or walking with Eddie to school: “I love fresh air and getting out of the house. It’s a nice way to start the day and finish it as well.”

Five reasons to walk or ride to school (and they’re not what you think!)

Why would you consider active travel to school? Yes, it’s healthy and good for the environment, but there are many other benefits to walking or riding with your child.

Here are five:
It’s fun! Most kids would rather ride, scoot or walk (parents enjoy it too!). Older kids get a kick out of being independent.

Kids are calmer and happier. Being outside and active makes us feel good. Many parents report their children being calmer and happier after walking or riding home than after driving.

Kids concentrate better and learn more easily. There’s evidence that children (and adults) focus better after a ride or walk in the morning.

Quality time. Walking or riding with your child is precious time together without the distraction of screens and jobs to be done.

Teaching opportunity. These early years are our window to teach children about road safety. The journey to school is an ideal environment for them to learn how to cross roads safely, and share footpaths and bike paths courteously with other users (e.g. keep to the left, indicate their intentions, pass safely). This sets them up for safe road behaviour in the not-too-distant future.