Grade 5 German Day

German Day Photo Link

What I enjoyed most about the German Art Gallery excursion was when we were doing the treasure hunt. We had
to look for the art pictures. I also enjoyed the food that was put out for a break. Alicia M

What I enjoyed about German Day was learning the names of clothes in German as well as looking at all the
different paintings and learning about how they were made. Another thing I enjoyed was having to find the
paintings and find who made them. I’m so grateful that I got to go and have a fun day learning German.
Maddison T

The things that happened at the German Day at the Art Gallery were having a look at the Desert Lines Expedition
which was some batik by some indigenous Australian women. Darcey L
I really liked the German food we got at lunch. I also liked when we had to search for paintings in the Art Gallery.
It was also great when we sat at a table and got to draw a picture in a blob on the page. Mia P

I enjoyed the German Day because I got to meet new people, make new friends and eat free yummy food. I am so
grateful that all the teachers planed this, and it was a great experience! Indi K