Return to School Operations

From the 'Return to School Operations Guide’ from DET we have attempted to summarise several pages into some key dot points. When reading these points, please know that they are temporary measures, as directed by DET, and we hope to return to ‘normal’ once deemed it is safe to do so. 

Staggered Finish Times
 In order to enable parental compliance with social distancing requirements, when students
return we will need to have staggered finish times. They will be as follows:
 Prep children and their siblings will leave at 3.10 pm
 Grade 1-2 children and their siblings will leave at 3.15 pm
 Grade 3-6 children will leave at 3.20 pm
 Grade 3-6 children move towards their room on the second bell at the start of the school day to compensate for the additional 5 minutes at the end of the day i.e. instruction will start at 8.50 pm.
 This above approach acknowledges that there are parents picking up more than one student across year levels.
 Families will need to consider additional measures to ensure they comply with social distancing requirements. This might be a great opportunity to join our many ‘active travellers’ by considering alternative forms of transport i.e. children riding to school or using their scooter.
Other options may include:
 Parking away from the school, perhaps towards the Spring Gully Soccer Club, and have your child walk to the car (without having to cross the road).
 Stay in your car and wait for your child to come with you.
 Prep-2 teachers will support their children at the end of each day so that they can safely find their parent/carer.
 Staggered arrival times will not be required.

Attendance On-Site/Social Distancing
 Social-distancing does not apply to students. The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) has advised that a ‘venue density rule’ of no more than one person per four square metres is not appropriate or practical in classrooms or corridors, nor maintaining 1.5 metres between students during classroom activities.
 Visitors to school grounds will be limited to those delivering or supporting essential school services and operations (e.g. student health and wellbeing services, specialist curriculum programs, maintenance workers), as adults are the main risk to the transmission of the coronavirus.
 Parents will only enter the school grounds when essential to do so i.e. sickbay, medical appointments, scheduled meetings. Contact should be made by phone or email prior to coming on to the school site.
 Additional staff, including parent volunteers, will not attend school during this time. Activities dependent on and involving parents (e.g. 1:1 reading) will be cancelled.
 Parent-teacher interviews will be made available at the start of Term 3, with physical distancing requirements of 1.5m between adults in place. Parents can opt to have a ‘virtual’ interview or an interview over the phone if requested. More details regarding interviews will be circulated soon.
 School assemblies, excursions, camps and other non-essential large gatherings will be postponed.
 Parents are strongly encouraged not to congregate at school entry and exit points. To manage physical distancing requirements of 1.5m between adults, we ask parents to depart the school area as soon as you have collected your child/children. Please make use of all 6 exits points at the front and back of the school.

 All students will be guided in regular hand-washing - not just after toilet breaks but before and after recess and lunch breaks, too.
 Hand sanitiser will be available in all classrooms.
 Supplementary cleaning of taps, door handles and communally used surfaces will be carried out. This will be undertaken by Gen and Graeme and is in addition to the normal cleaning. Exact details are still to be confirmed.
 Play equipment will now be included in the cleaning schedule.
 If any confirmed cases of Covid19 are identified amongst the student or staff cohorts at the school, those persons will be isolated immediately, the relevant authorities notified, and the school will be locked-down at the end of that school day for deep cleaning. It will not reopen until declared ‘safe’ by a person qualified to do so.

Health checks
 Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell. Even if you are unsure, take a cautious approach and keep them home.
 If a staff member is unsure whether a student is unwell they will be sent to the sickbay. Office staff will contact the parent/carer to discuss any concerns about the health status of the student, and taking a precautionary approach, request the parent/carer to collect their child if concerns remain.
 Our school will not conduct wide-scale temperature checking of students as there is limited evidence to demonstrate the value of such checks.
 If the school declares a child ‘ill’ following a presentation during the day that child will be sent home or isolated for the remainder of the day.

 Students should bring their own water bottle for use at school as students should not drink directly from drinking fountains at this time.
 Taps may be used to refill water bottles.
 Students will be encouraged not to engage in contact activities.
 Hand hygiene will be practised before and after use of any sporting equipment.
 Children will not be permitted to use the playground equipment after school.

We hope this information is clear. All details are taken from DET guidelines and recommendations. They are designed to keep everyone safe, including the health of our staff within their workplace. As always, please make contact if you have any questions or require additional support.

Francis and Brett