Mission, Vision & Values

Spring Gully Primary School fosters a community of learners where everyone is valued and has opportunities to reach their personal best.

Our school purpose is also linked to our vision:

  • Optimistic, resilient students who are motivated to learn
  • Positive, professional staff committed to the challenges of teaching and learning
  • A core curriculum that builds strong foundations for all learners
  • Learning opportunities that enable students to become active citizens in the global community
  • Actively develop and value the partnership between home, school and community
  • A safe, stimulating learning environment which recognises and values diversity
  • Informed students who will actively care for the world environment.

The following values are seen as being central to the life of our school and how all members of the school community should conduct themselves:

  • Respect - Valuing self, all others, property and the environment
  • Team Spirit - Working together so we can learn from each other and all do our best
  • Personal Achievement - Striving to be the best we can
  • Responsibility - Being relied upon, to be honest, and to do the right thing for yourself and for the community
  • Friendliness - Interacting with all others in a caring and understanding manner
  • Fairness - Being fair in everything we do.

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