All students at Spring Gully Primary school participate in a weekly 45-minute music session. During the session they experience a range of activities which includes singing, listening, playing creating and moving to music. The students are assessed according to the New Victorian Curriculum.

The Music curriculum aims to develop students’:

  • Confidence to be creative, innovative, thoughtful, skilful and informed musicians
  • Skills to listen, improvise, compose, interpret, perform, and respond with intent and purpose
  • Aesthetic knowledge and respect for music and music practices across global communities, cultures and musical traditions
  • Understanding of music as an aural art form, its relationship with other art forms and contributions to cultures and societies.

Much of the Music program has been based on the Kodaly and Orff methods of Music education, which provides students from Years Prep – 6 with a sound understanding of rhythmic and melodic elements, leading in the Upper Primary level to more formal notational skills and compositional techniques.

Students play a range of tuned and un-tuned percussion, Ukuleles, Marimbas, Djembes and Recorder and work in ensembles to present and perform multi-instrumental pieces.

Students in Year 3-6 participate in the Karate Recorder program, an interactive program which teaches recorder playing skills and excellent note reading skills and strategies. Each child is encouraged to achieve Karate Belts over the 3-year program. A number of students eventually participate in the Advanced Recorder ensemble.

In Years 4-6 students can choose to join the Spring Gully choir. With over fifty members, the choir are taught excellent vocal technique and sing an eclectic mix of high-quality repertoire, including songs from Australian composers. They perform regularly at school, in the wider community and at festivals and Eisteddfods throughout the year.

Students at SGPS have many opportunities to hear quality musicians with regular performances given by professional groups, Secondary College bands and parents/teachers.

Music is an essential component of a child’s education and at Spring Gully students are passionate and enthusiastic towards all facets of the program.

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