Our school is fortunate in having three new library areas which are automated to assist in carrying out the educational aims of the school program. Materials in the library provide a wide range of difficulty levels enabling the needs of the individual child to be met. An important part of the library's role is the borrowing of books, and parent encouragement and co-operation in this area is appreciated.


As may be expected, some rules are essential for the care of books that are borrowed:

  • A library bag is essential for all children who borrow, which helps to protect the book
  • Parents are requested to ensure that children care for books that are taken home, and should contact the librarian if books are badly damaged or lost
  • Assessment can then be made of the amount payable to replace the book
  • Minor damage can, and should, be reported by the child
  • If parents see that books are returned promptly when read, damage or loss is less likely to occur
  • Parents are asked not to attempt to repair books, as we use special requisites for this task
  • The loan period is two weeks