Before and After School Care

Each Camp Australia program is unique and is tailored to the community it is part of. Programs adopt each school's values, the interests of its kids and adapting to the environment that surrounds it. However, all Camp Australia programs do have one thing in common; they make kids smile.

The Staff and programs are backed by Camp Australia's national resources, specialist practices and support systems developed throughout our 25 years of operation.

We focus on developing the overall wellbeing of kids in a safe environment, fostering a healthy, active lifestyle, friendships and new skills all while having fun. We partner with kids families and communities to ensure Camp Australia is something kids want to be a part of.

Before School Care

(The times listed below are general in nature, please confirm specific times with your school)


Staff arrive and set up the room, with children assisting in the selection of the morning activities.


Children and parents are greeted as they arrive and staff ensure parents sign the children in. Children wash hands before eating.


Cereal, toast and spreads are provided for breakfast. Breakfast is then cleared away and children are involved in planning the main activity for the morning.


Main activity commences, will include a quiet program, game, reading, building or craft. Alternative activity will also be available.


Children are encouraged to help clean up and ensure the room is left clean and tidy. All children are signed out of Before School Care by the Camp Australia Coordinator.

After School Care

(The times listed below are general in nature, please confirm specific times with your school)


Service staff arrive and ensure the program is ready to commence. This includes printing rolls, checking phone messages and ensuring the room is safe and ready to use.


Children are greeted as they arrive and staff sign the children in. If any booked children did not arrive, service staff will follow procedures to locate and notify. Children wash hands ready for an afternoon snack.


Afternoon tea is served and the afternoon's activities are announced. Children will have input into the games and activities for the day.


Main activity commences. Weather permitting, this willl include outdoor and active games or play. Alternative activities are also available inside and may include art, craft, board games, imaginative or creative play.


Main activities have concluded and the room is packed away.