Supportive Action Guidelines

This section shows steps which can be used particularly when the usual classroom and out of classroom plans have not been successful.

Parents and teachers are encouraged to communicate with each other at all times regarding behaviour.

Peer support among teachers is a vital aspect of discipline and should be considered at any stage. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the supportive action.

These steps can be used in a variety of sequences.


Supportive Action


Appropriate When


Time Out

Cooling off time to re-think and negotiate re-entry to class or playground

Student repeatedly misbehaves

Move to room/area, record in timeout book

Contracting and conferencing behaviour agreements

Informal parent conferences using support staff, and use of discussion and problem solving to make behaviour agreements

Student repeatedly misbehaves; timeout has not been effective

Discussion with staff regarding strategies already used, negotiating appropriate behaviour contract

Administrative Support

Involvement of educational psychologists, consultants, social workers from the District or other agencies

Previous intervention techniques have not been successful

Consultants are engaged to work with student, parents and relevant staff

Department of Education Action

Formal suspension procedures

Student's behaviour constitutes a danger to the physical and emotional health of any staff member or student

Refer to School Discipline Procedures as per the manual