German is taught at Spring Gully Primary School. Each class from Prep to Year 6 receives a minimum of 45 minutes of language instruction per week. 


Highlights of our languages program:

  • A fun, action-packed program that teaches students about the language and culture of Germany through age-specific activities.
  • Opportunities for students to participate in competitions such as the Annual German Poetry Competition Club
  • German Club - and after school program for parents and students in Prep-Year 2
  • Links to our local community - German Friendship Society and Eurofest Choir
  • Links to penfriends in Germany
  • An open classroom policy where parents are welcome to visit and join in their child’s class. Teaching is in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum.

Why German?

  • German has been taught at the school for more than 20 years
  • There are students of German descent in our school population
  • The school recognises the significant contribution of German culture and German people to the local and Australian identity
  • There are many similarities between German and English and the students are able to readily learn and compare the two languages. German is taught at the neighbouring Government Secondary Colleges.

The benefits of learning a second language:

  • Now more than ever we are a part of a global community. Learning a language presents a new way of looking at the world. It can open a child's eyes to what is out there beyond their local community. We live in a multicultural society and learning about other cultural viewpoints is essential for children to develop knowledge, respect and empathy for others.
  • Learning a second language can enhance your child's vocational prospects. As our growing economy depends on increased trade with other countries and there is a demand for graduates with a second language.
  • Learning a language allows children to develop their potential to the fullest. It is literally mind-stretching and enhances intellectual and social development. Learning a second language can also enhance skills and understanding of English. Children can develop transferable skills such as pattern recognition, linguistic problem solving, and an understanding of language conventions such as grammar, tense, and gender.
  • Language learning can be highly enjoyable and be satisfying for young children. They are curious and inquisitive learners who learn by questioning and copying. Research indicates that the earlier children begin practicing a second language, the better their pronunciation. Studies have also shown that early second language learning in children can enhance reading levels in English.


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